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What is Personalization and how does it work?

Personalization is a feature on that allows you to tailor responses to your interests and preferences.

Personalization on is a feature that tailors responses to your interests, expertise, and preferences.

You can find it in your settings by clicking on the three-dot menu next to your name at the bottom of the sidebar menu in your account and selecting Personalization.

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The details you add to the About you field can include anything from your name and location to your hobbies and career, and will help create more personalized responses from the models you use. Some other details to keep in mind are:

  • Privacy and control: When you see the ✨ (sparkle) icon, it indicates that it’s picked up a personalized detail. You have full control to view, edit, or delete this data, or to deactivate Personalization entirely.
  • Smart Learn: When you enable “Smart Learn,” as you interact with the AI assistant, it learns your preferences, ensuring more relevant and customized answers over time.
  • Real-world application: Personalization considers your interests in providing suggestions. For example, if you like hiking, you might receive hiking-related travel recommendations.

You can enable and disable both Personalization and Smart Learn using the toggles in the bottom right of the Personalization settings window.

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Personalization is available for everyone, while YouPro members can enjoy a more enhanced Personalization experience.

You can find out how to include Personalization in your Custom Assistants here.